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This girl and I (Sydney Shrader Photography) had been talking about getting together for FOREVER it seemed like. Well, finally one day over this Thanksgiving Break we met up at Davis Park and made some magic happen. Sydney is so stunning and is so quirky! She was so much fun to shoot because she broke out of her shell immediately adn was so giggly. As you probably can tell I LOVE GIGGLY photos, they are my absolute favorites! So if you can giggle and laugh all day then I am your guy! Sydney did just that, she smiled and giggled her whole way through the session. Even though we took some moments to be serious (because who doesn't love a good smize), we still made each other laugh. So thankful for this friend who was willing to help me hone my craft!

Ben Burke is a Portrait + Family Photographer based in the Abilene and DFW areas of Texas. Contact him to book your custom session today! | | 817-907-7380


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